About Swastika

Who We Are?

We are exactly what you want us to be. Delivering the essence of communication in print, is our love and living. Precisely, we care for the minutest element to make you meet with your purpose, idea and satisfaction. We, for strength, believe in our human, mechanical and infrast-ructural resources,which are capable and compatible enough to give you any quantity, quality and quintessence. As a hard-line business facilitator, we make things possible and easy for you. This we do by sculpting life on paper.

Swastika is a leading provider of printing services to large corporate customers spread all across the globe. Our convenient, cost-effective, time saving and high quality offset printing services have certainly helped us not only in winning good clientele but also share a long term relationship with them. We are a home of expert professionals with a long experience in developing all kinds of print designs for a very diverse list of clients. We offer a comprehensive range of services from preliminary design concepts to the final stage of print production to delivery. We use the latest technology, graphic design, sophisticated pre press, printing and post-production equipment to offer our customers the best quality printing services

Dinesh Sharma