Many companies are using rigid boxes as the premium packaging solution for the unique products and of high importance. As their name suggests, these boxes are made with rigid cardboard that provides a high level of safety to the product inside them, and at the same time, their elegant look adds more value to the product. These boxes are available in multiple shapes, but the things that are common in these boxes are; sturdy base plate covered with highly thick walls and detachable or flip lid on the top. These boxes are shipped to the customers in their actual shape, and the customers can use it the moment they receive it. The cardboard stock or the Kraft stock is used in the manufacturing of these boxes. The thickness of the cardboard stock may differ from 12pt to 24pt based on the requirements of the customers.

The perfect packaging for gifting purposes, storing fragile items like jewelry, ornaments and mirrors, mobile phones, and cosmetic items has been introduced in the market. Rigid Boxes are the perfect solution for presenting your expensive and fragile items in sophisticated manners along with complete protection from damage and breakage. The magnetic enclosure keeps the box shut and prevents the items from falling out. These boxes can be customized entirely according to size, shape, color, and design. These boxes are famous for their durable surface and multipurpose feature. These boxes contain inserts inside them, which keep the items fixed to their slots. The magnetic boxes are one of a kind of exquisite packaging that presents the products more elegantly. They belong to the family of display boxes.